CSU Center for Bioinformatics

The Center for Bioinformatics offers support in many areas including systems biology, gene expression analysis and interpretation, sequence analysis, pattern analysis, statistics and experimental design. We are available for consultation, data analysis and assistance with funding proposals. There is never a charge for initial consultation. In addition, workshops are offered throughout the year and we are available for class presentations.

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Hardware and Software Capabilities

An Apple G5 Cluster with iNquiry Bioinformatics Suite (including BLAST, HMMER and others) is available for use by campus researchers. We also have subscriptions to other software including Ingenuity and GeneGo for pathway analysis, Spotfire for visualization and SAS for advanced statistical analysis.


Andre Ptitsyn, Ph.D.
Ph: (970)-491-0878

Research interests include: high-performance computing, sequence analysis, functional genomics, gene expression analysis and interpretation, pattern analysis, periodic processes in biology, and software for biogical research.

Ann Hess, Ph.D.
Ph: (970)-491-5077

Research interests include: statistics, experiment design, and microarray data analysis.

Richard Casey, PhD
Ph: 970-491-8568
Cell: 970-980-5975

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